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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Low (Budget) Glow featuring Avon, Maybelline & Hard Candy

the low (budget) glow avon maybelline hard candy
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I LOVE highlighter, radiance boosters, glow serums, liquids, powders, creams... If it gives skin a glowy, radiant je ne sais quoi I want it.  I know I'm not alone, but I've come to the point in my collecting hoarding that I don't really need to spend a ton to get my glow on. Sure, I still do every so often (I'm weak...) but there are some excellent budget-friendly options out there, like these little gems from Avon, Maybelline & Hard Candy

avon true colour illuminating stick champagne (2)avon true colour illuminating stick champagne (1)

I don't think I've loved many cream highlighters... Many I've tried end up blending away to nothing or just don't give a true glow on skin. With that, I gave the Avon True Colour Illuminating Stick in Champagne a go. I immediately felt bad about my ill will towards it (and its cream-based brethren) because this is an amazingly gorgeous product. It's got the shimmer-free glow I'm after in a highlight and a silky formula that blends seamlessly without disappearing. I dins the Champagne shade a touch too deep for me to use as true highlight, but I've dabbed it on over a neutral blush and it still works nicely for some added glowy radiance.

avon moonlit highlighter quartz

As much as I love Avon, I had doubts when it came to their take on powder highlighter too. I was SO wrong! The Avon True Colour Moonlit Highlighting Powder in Quartz is a perfect highlighter. It's not blinding, or too over the top, but instead imparts a gorgeous rosy-champagne glow that is shimmer-free and easily applies without any emphasis on pores. This has quickly become one of my favourite highlights as it is just so pretty and never looks too harsh.

Avon offers both the cream and powder highlighters in a deeper shade (Rose Gold & Topaz, respectfully) so deeper skin tones can easily get glowy as well. That said, Quartz is a very universal shade that will suit a wide range of shades.

maybelline master holographic chrome highlighters

I know, the topic is low budget highlighters, but I generally just steer clear of drugstore highlighters. I've just never been very happy with them and more often than not, you're left with something that looks great in the pan but it packed full of shimmer and glitter. I don't know about you, but I'm too old for a cheek full of glitter.

Maybelline is taking drugstore highlighters up a few notches with their little pans of glow, but I still found that glitter... The Maybelline Master Holographic Prismatic Highlighter is gorgeous in the pan with its slight colour shift (you can see a bit of a pinky-bluey-purpley shift) and thumb print-like pattern but it doesn't quite get to holo territories and it's a glitter-fest. The base has a creamy feel, but there is a lot of glitter that feels dry and separates from the base. It just doesn't work if you have pores or aren't super young as it doesn't look smooth and the glitter gets everywhere. I think this should have been released as an eyeshadow, as it does work well on the eyes.

While the holographic highlight didn't wow me (as highlight, it does make a nice pop on eyes) the Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Molten Rose Gold is almost perfection. The formula is super creamy, a lot of pigment and the most gorgeous rose gold glow with zero glitter. I intentionally wondered if the shade would work on lighter skin, but the formula blends really nicely into skin giving a natural looking effect and buildable glow.

hard candy illuminate strobing mix in drops

I often deal with dull skin, an as much as I use skincare to deal, sometimes you just need a little more radiance. The Hard Candy Look Pro! Illuminate & Strobing Mix-In Drops are a great way to give skin a subtle glow. The liquid drops have a pearly pink-white shade that can be used in moisturizer, foundation, or straight on the skin. I love that these are subtle, but still add shimmer-free radiance. I like to use them in mixed into my lighter coverage foundations / BBs but have even used them in my moisturizer on makeup free days for the added oomph they give skin.

hard candy sheer envy illuminating setting spray

I'm a setting spray fan. I'm a radiance fan. Clearly the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Luminous Setting Spray was meant for me. Although, I did wonder if this would leave me looking like a pale disco ball... Luckily, it didn't. Instead, the fine mist gives skin a soft, radiant glow that is more like a semi-dewy moisturizer than shimmer. The effect is subtle, but really nice for those who deal with dullness or dry skin as it makes skin look healthier and fresh.

Overall, some really great options! I love that there are more budget-friendly ways to get your glow on without giving up quality. What do you think? Are you a highlighter fan? Tried any of these options?

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