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Monday, August 27, 2018

Fresh & So... | Clean Fresh Linens Eau de Parfum

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Let's see if I still know how to do this. It's been... a while. With that said, I thought I'd get back to the swing of things with an easy one: perfume. I will admit that I haven't really switched up my scent rotation in a while (I've been sticking to my top three) but the Clean Fresh Linens is a perfect summery number to switch things up with.

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'Inspired by the softness of fresh linens on a sunny weekend morning. Memories of laying wrapped in bed for hours, feeling the warm sun shine through your window, and a light breeze tickle your skin, as you rest, relax, and day dream.'

Not that you know, but I totally just took a break between that massively long intro and this here paragraph. Blogging is hard, guys. And I had to take a Panic! break for Nine in the Afternoon (#TeamPrettyOdd for life) as I've got their Reading / Leeds performance on as background entertainment. Anyway, you don't care about that. The Clean brand / fragrance range is known for their fresh and, for lack of a better word, clean scents. But they take their love of clean farther than just their scents. The brand is also all about clean products that are formulated without a host (it's a very long list) of unwanted chemicals and the like, all while also being cruelty-free.

Many of their blends are inspired by laundry and associated acts (think cotton, white t-shirts, linens, etc.) with the newest addition Fresh Linens being a perfect fit for the range with a twist on their usual theme. Literally. Citrus. That's the twist here, but not lemons like my photos may suggest. The scent combines the fresh, citrus brightness of clementines (top notes: clean sheet accord, Asian pear & clementines) with a floral middle (mid notes: rain lily, lady orchid & blonde woods) and perfectly warm dry down (base notes: skin musk, sandalwood, & smooth amber.)

clean fresh linens eau de parfum (2)

To my nose, the initial scent is that of fresh laundry, but the citrus quickly follows with a sunny burst. Although, I get lemon, not orange vibes. The floral notes to be fleeting on me, with the warmth coming through to offer up something a bit more complex than just citrus and laundry. That said, the simplest way to describe this scent is just that: citrusy laundry.

I didn't know what to think of this scent upon first use. As an only moderate fan of citrus scents, the predominant notes didn't woo me. That said, the scent has very much grown on me. The mix of bright, fresh, and ultimately warm are gorgeous, especially once the citrus calms and the musk develops. The overall scent is perfectly balanced for everyday wear and offers up a feminine, yet neutral, clean-fresh vibe without being overpowering. What do you think? Are you a fan of Clean scents? Do you have a favourite?

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