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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bold is Better | Mary Kay Matte lipstick

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Last week I was so on top of things... Like, a week of posts scheduled and ready to do. This week? Not so much. I did the chance to play around with the new limited edition Mary Kay Matte Lipsticks though, so that's something.

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And really, that's what you're here for, because who doesn't like a bold lip every now and again? Mary Kay has introduced a little collection of four mega pigmented, bold hues in their matte, but easy wearing formula. With a vanilla-candy type of scent (which is SO good) these have a drier, velvety feel that is almost powdery at first. I found it worked well with two of the shades, and not as well the others. The upside, is that for a matte finish, these are very comfortable and don't leave lips feeling the slightest bit dry.

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The four shade collection includes:
  • Red Roma: a classic cherry red shade.
  • Orange Mio: a bright, bold orange. Somehow, this ended up looking pretty even in photos, but in person managed to emphasize texture I didn't even know my lips had. I removed this shade after initial application, scrubbed my lips and tried again with no improvement. This shade just really didn't want to sit well on my lips.
  • Grazi, Violet: a stunning blue-based violet that has MAC Heroine vibes. 
  • Puro Mirtillo: a deep burgundy-plum. I wanted love this shade, but it too suffers from patchy application and looks uneven. I tired applying this a myriad of ways, but it seems to collect in areas creating dark patches.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed in the shades that just didn't layer well, but do love Red Roma and Grazi, Violet. We tend to see brighter, bold shades like these released in the summer, so it's a nice change of pace to see more vivd shade for the fall. What do you think? Are you into a bold lip? What shades do you gravitate towards?

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