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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Gimme Lip | Rodial Dragon's Blood Lip Masks & XXL Lip Liner

rodail dragons blood lip masks (5)
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Look, it's not a lip gloss or palette! Although, it does revolve revolve around the lip region... Oh, well, let's not get too particular. We're talking lip masks today, which combine my love of masks and the opportunity to perfect my lips for alllll the gloss I've been hoarding lately.

rodail dragons blood lip masks (3)rodail dragons blood lip masks (2)

Rodial is very well know for their Dragon's Blood range, which includes an array of products formulated with dragon's blood extract (and yes, it is a really thing. Read up here for some additional info.) and hyaluronic acid to plump, hydrate and smooth. The Dragon's Blood Lip Masks are bio-cellulose sheet masks (aka coconut-based, not paper) in cute lip shapes that you just pop on for an added hydrating, smoothing and slight plumping experience. These are great for applying pre-makeup, as they do give that fresh mask je ne sais quoi and keep lips feeling a bit more hydrated throughout the day.

As much as I do enjoy these masks, they're pricey for what you're getting (a mere eight masks) and the packaging could definitely use an upgrade. The masks are just folded in half and packaged in a pouch. They're difficult to fish out and removing the protective paper is quite fiddly. For a more luxury type brand and price, I expect something a little more.

rodail xxl lip liner in behind the scenes (2)
rodail xxl lip liner in behind the scenes (1)

Post-mask, when lips are looking fresh and plump (not like I just had injections plump, but that youthful, healthy type of plump. Don't expect miracles.) a lip liner is the logical step in your lip routine. The XXL Lip Liner in Behind the Scenes (one of three shades in the range) has a smooth, easy glide formula (with cotton seed and jojoba seed oils and antioxidant vitamins) that offers a waterproof and anti-feathering finish. It applies easily and almost more importantly, stays locked and loaded pretty much all day. It's a great base for lipstick and lip gloss (I've been pairing it with Marc Jacobs Enamored gloss in Taboo), and the rosewood-pink shade works with a really wide range of neutral / nude shades.

Overall, two great options if you're looking to give your lips a little luxury. I can't say the masks are a must-have item, but I do enjoy the effect. The liner on the other hand, I really love. Surprise, surprise, a neutral lip shade that I love... But, it does wear exceptionally well under lip gloss without getting gunky or breaking down, so it is a winner. What do you think? Have you tried either of these products? Want to?

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