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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Green Goddess | Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

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For a few months I was checked out of eyeshadow releases. I didn't keep up with them nor was I very interested in info what did find me. I was felling pretty 'meh' about the whole scene. Of course, something snapped and now I've got palette fever again. The ABH Norvina, UD Naked Cherry, TF Gingerbread, Huda Precious Stones Obsessions... So many wants! I am not typically one to buy products on release day, but you can bet I was clicking add to cart the day the Huda palettes were live on the Sephora site.

The Huda Beauty Precocious Stones Obsessions range brought us five palettes that feature 'a collection of nine creamy, metallic and duo chrome shadows inspired by the rich reflection of gemstones' including Topaz (warm orange/browns), Amethyst (purples), Ruby (reds/berries), Sapphire (blues) and Emerald (greens).

While I was initially pulled in by a few of the shade options, Emerald prompted an immediate case of the 'gimmies' With a selection of  rich, neutral and vivid greens, how can you not be a little smitten? Housed in a metallic coated cardboard palette, the little guy (yes, these are little palettes) feels pretty durable and even includes a mirror. I like the reduced packaging thing they've got going, since I'm guessing it also reduces the overall price, and at the end of the day, I'd rather get more money spent perfecting the product than the packaging.

huda beauty emerald obsessions palette (2)

We're going to talk shades and formulas in just a moment, but I do have to chat about manufacturing. This being my first Huda purchase, I was a bit shocked to see that this is made in China. Being a mid-level brand (obviously not drugstore, but not what I'd call high-end either) I expected Italy, Germany, France, possibly the US or Canada, just not China. I did a little sleuthing, which was harder than I expected (as someone schooled in information technology *points to diploma*) but did find that Huda's larger palettes are in fact manufactured in Italy. What I'm getting at, is the question of are they producing the Obessions palettes as cheaply as possible because they know the smaller price-tag will draw in more consumers, so you may as well have the biggest profit margin possible... Maybe? But does the quality suffer as a result? Possibly? So many questions, so few answers.

huda beauty emerald obsessions palette (6)

Okay, so lets talk quality. Swatching resulted in mixed feelings. The shadows are in varying finishes/formulas and there are some clear winners and possible iffy-ness, but as we all know, swatches don't give you the true story. That said, I was a little underwhelmed with how the mattes feel. They're very firmly pressed, and while they seem very well pigmented, getting on the eye is... a little bit of work. The colour needs to be layered for full effect, but does get there and blends relatively well. The shimmers/glitters, while in various forms, mostly feel quite impressive, with that buttery/creamy feel we all know and love with little to no fallout.

The shades aren't officially named, but are (kind of) in the ingredients, so we'll go by that in combo with their number for easier reference. Okay?

Shade 1 (green gold shimmer): this shade reads more green in the pan, but has a much more pronounced gold tone when used. It is one of the more glittery shades in the palette, which can result in a little glitter fall-out.

Shade 2 (mint matte): a pale mint green that needs some building for full effect, but does create a nice wash of colour and works well as a transition.

Shade 3 (ice green shimmer): this shade reads a bit deeper when swatched/used than it looks in the pan. The shimmer effect has a touch of pearl and the tiniest of blue glitter within.

huda beauty emerald obsessions swatches (1)

Shade 4 (pine green shimmer): a blackened, pine green shimmer with the smoothest, butteriest formula... It's gorgeous, but oddly enough the only shade in the palette with this formula. You would expect the same from shades 3 and 5, but they have a thinner texture.

Shade 5 (peacock green shimmer): the most emerald shade, which didn't read as vibrant in photos as it does in person, but packs a glittery punch. I like to use it (and shade 1) over glitter glue to really lock it down.

Shade 6 (emerald matte): this shade is a bit more teal leaning than true emerald, but packs a lot of pigment. It does take a little more effort to blend though, as I find it really likes to stick where applied.

huda beauty emerald obsessions swatches (2)

Shade 7 (olive matte): reads more brown in the pan and when swatched, but when buffed out it takes on a more olive tone. This is a great crease/transition type shade for grounding the very green shades.

Shade 8 (khaki shimmer): a deep khaki with the most gorgeous golden shimmer. This shade works really nicely with shade 7 for more earthy green looks.

Shade 9 (yellow gold shimmer): is a surprising shade, as the yellow gold hue has a glowing softness about it. It is a perfect inner corner highlight shade that pops against the green shades.

For the look above, I used shade 2 (mint) as my transition followed by shade 7 (olive) through the crease. I added a bit of glitter glue to the centre of the lid and patted shade 5 (peacock) over it, layering towards the middle for the most oomph. I added a bit of shade 9 (gold) to the inner corner and shade 8 (khaki) on the outer v for added depth. On the lower lash-line, I ran shade 7 and a little bit of shade 8 for a smokey effect.

Overall, I'm enjoying this palette. Is it perfect? Not quite, but no palette ever is. That said, it's pretty and for my collection at least, unique. It can/will create multiple looks, although, I think most will want to bring a few neutrals into their looks to add more, well, neutrality. The all green all the time vibes aren't always going be every day wearable. What do you think? Are you into the Emerald palettes or any of the others? I have to admit, I'm still feeling the Amethyst one.

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