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Monday, March 25, 2019

Loads of Lipstick | Kiss NY Pro Amorous Matte & Luscious Shine Gel Lipstick

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These Kiss NY Pro lipsticks have been full of surprise for me. Surprise when the very large box arrived, surprised that I hadn't seen more love for these online, and surprise at just how much I like them. Seriously, I bet you're going to want to add a few to your stash once you're through browsing this post. We've got twenty-four of them to chat up, so let's get going, okay? You know what to do...

kiss amorous matte & luscious shine gel lipstick (2)
Kiss NY Pro Amorus Matte & Luscious Shine Gel Lipstick

Alright, you're reading more so you must be ready. We've got a lot to get to, so buckle in we're headed to lipstick city. Kiss is hip to the trends, and as such hasn't just offered on lipstick formula, but two. For matte lovers, the Amorous Mattes and for those who dabble in glossier territories, the Luscious Shine range. Both options come in sleek black tubes (with the matte shades having a matte tube) and a very handy shade indicator on the top. Both formulas also share a, well, similar formula, as they're formulated without wax. Instead, they feature a gel-type formula that offers a smooth glide, high pigment and a lightly moisturizing effect on lips.

kiss amourous matte tubes
kiss amorous matte gel lipstick

The Amorous Matte Gel Lipsticks are just that, matte lipsticks, but there does seems to be two different lipstick types within this range. Some lipsticks have an instantly velvety, more dry feel on the lips, while others have a more creamy feel that sets to a velvety matte. Both wear easily, and are non-drying, but it's worth mentioning. Anyway, there are twelve matte shades, with plenty of neutral offerings. You know I love anything neutral/pink/nudey, so I am very fond of the shade options.

kiss matte swatches group 1 collage
  • 02 Marvelous Rosy Pink is a dusty, medium depth soft pink.
  • 04 Salmon Delicacy is quite similar to Marvelous Rosy Pink, but is a cleaner, less dusted soft pink.
  • 05 Sandy Brown is a warm leaning pinky-brown.
  • 06 Vienna Sienna is one of my favourites of this range, with a dusted mauvey-taupe hue.
  • 07 Butter Cocoa is a warm, dusty reddy-brown.
  • 08 Chocolate Recipe is a softened, milk chocolate brown.

kiss mate swatches group 2 collage
  • 10 Cocoholic is a soft terracotta-brown
  • 13 Pink From Venus is another must-have shade for me, being a peachy-coral
  • 17 Apple Picking is a vibrant red with a slight pink tone.
  • 18 K.I.S.S Red is a classic cherry red
  • 19 Girls Night Out is a plummy red-brown
  • 21 Brown Eyes is a  warm chocolate brown.

kiss amorous matte lipstick lip swatches

kiss luscious shine tubeskiss luscious shine gel lipstick
                                   Kiss NY Pro Luscious Shine Gel Lipsticks 3.5 g $6.99 CAD

But wait, there's more.... Twelve more to be exact with the Luscious Shine Gel Lipstick. The range gives the same gel-type formula, easy glide, and a ton of pigment but with a really nice, shiny finish.
Once again, neutral fans will be happy, as they are represented, but there are more pinks and a few fun shades to mix things up a little. I did find the Luscious Shine shades to look a bit deeper looking in the bullet than on the lips, as the formula has a bit of a transparency that allows you to build from a more sheer finish to full.

kiss luscious shine swatches gr 1
  • 02 Sandy Brown is a pinky tan-nude
  • 03 Mocha Shake is a slightly mauvey tan-nude
  • 04 Cali Rose is a cool, rosy-pink.
  • 05 Pink Julie is a slightly mauvey, cool pink.
  • 06 Taro Gets Sexier is my favourite type of greyed mauve. It's a little twist on your basic neutral.
  • 07 Brooklyn Brick is a medium depth, brown-plum

kiss luscious shine swatches gr 2

  • 14 Incomparably Hot is a vivid blue-based hot pink.
  • 15 Apple Tea is a reddy-almost fuschia pink.
  • 17 Trouble Maker is a slightly warmer take on a classic red.
  • 18 Red Devil is a deeper, classic lipstick red.
  • 22 Christmas Flip is a really pretty orchid-pink.
  • 24 Stunning Elsa is the lone sheer in this range, with a purpley-brown base filled with silvery and blue shimmer. It works kind of like a gloss on its own, or as a way to add depth and shimmer over other shades.

kiss luscious shine lip swatches

Overall, this is a really great range (or ranges, I should say.) As comfortable as both formulas are, I think I gravitate a bit more to the Amorous Mattes, but I have been wearing Taro Gets sexier an awful lot... Basically, you can't go wrong with either finish. In Canada, Kiss Pro NY is available at Rexall and London Drugs locations and What do you think? Are you team matte or shine? Do you need any of these shades in your makeup bag?

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