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Friday, April 26, 2019

Speedy Skincare | b. liv Bright is Right Sheet Mask

b liv bright is right sheet mask
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I love a good mask session, or a full-on multi-masking session, but sometimes you just don't have that kind of time. Actually, honest talk here, sometimes you just don't want to expel that much energy either. Sunday Skincare is great, but so is Sunday I'm Lazing About on My Couch Not Moving, you know? For such occasions a sheet mask is always the way to go.

b. liv bright is right mask (2)

I used to hoard sheet masks. I would get a nice little collection of them and then rarely use them. Lately, I've been on a mission to actually use all of my skincare products (instead of doing so much product hopping) and more frequent sheet mask use is part of that new me. My every other day sheet mask routine has included the b.liv Bright is Right mask. As a self-proclaimed brightening addict, the formula is pretty much made for me.

b. liv bright is right mask (3)

And perhaps you, if you're looking to brighten, hydrate and smooth. The paper mask is perfectly soaked with essence (as in it's not an overly soaked, drippy mess) which is formulated with rose flower extract, aloe extract, vitamins e and c, and lionoleic acid, but the stars of the show are:
  • Vitamin B3: has excellent brightening properties to promote even tone while also working to improve skin barrier function and moisturization.
  • Wine extract: a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals and protect skin from environmental damage. It also adds skin brightening effects to improve radiance.
  • Arbutin: aka bearberry extract which functions as a natural skin brightening agent that also works to fade the appearance of dark spots.

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Overall, I have really enjoyed these masks. There is plenty of essence and it absorbs nicely into skin without being sticky. The brightening results aren't immediately visible, but when used at night, I do see results by morning. Skin is left really hydrated, plumped, more radiant and even a bit smoother. What do you think of sheet masks? have you tried anything from b. liv?

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