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Friday, April 12, 2019

The Stila Edit | Smokey Eye & Nude Lip

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I'm old enough to remember the great smokey eye craze of the early 2000's. A time when smokey eyes were thought to only exist in shades of black and befuddled many a beauty lover. I remember spending hours in my first dorm room with a friend who had spent a small fortune at Shoppers Drug Mart in her quest to perfect such a look. It turns out, smokey eyes are one of the easiest looks to create and while you can smoke out any colour, look damn sexy in black.

stila 018

A black smokey eye will forever be a classic look, but there are always little ways to give it new life. A little brown through the transition adds warmth. A little colour through the transition makes it unique, but today we're adding... Glitter! Glitter, in this (and most cases) makes everything better.

I know, I've just mentioned glitter, but we need to start at the start, and unfortunately glitter is not at the start. However, a good liner is. When building a smokey eye, a smudge-able black liner is an essential component. The Stila Smudge Kajal Eye Liner in Intense Black is perfection for just about any of your liner needs, but truly excels in the creation of a smokey look. As the name implies, it really is intensely black with a richly pigmented, smooth (and oh-so-creamy) texture that glides on with zero effort. It really is a gorgeous liner. It also smudges easily with the included sponge tip on the end or a smudger brush.

stila glitter and glo molten matal (1)stila glitter and glo molten matal (2)

As mentioned, the glitter! I've been lusting after the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows for a while, so I was very excited to dip into Molten Metal (black base with silver and gold glitter finish.) These replace the need for a glitter base and the need to endlessly clean up after using a lose glitter, as the glitter can just be dabbed on. The texture is thin, and easy to work with, which allows for an opaque coverage or just a wash of glitter. It dries pretty quickly, to a smooth texture that is super comfortable on the eye without any glittery grittiness. While there is zero fallout during application, I do find I get a few little specks on my face by the end of the day. It's no deal breaker, as loose glitter usually ends up the same, regardless of how good your glitter glue is.

stila smokey eye nude lip (1)

stila smokey eyeThe Stila Smokey Eye

To bring my Stila smokey eye together, I started by priming my lid with concealer (this MUFE one) and then patted a pale skin-like matte over the lid for a base, followed by a soft brown through the transition."But I don't want a brown smokey eye..." I know, just do it. It gives a bit of warmth to the overall look, and helps aid in blending the black shade out. Believe me, it's an important step. Next, run a thick line of the liner on the lower third of the lid and smudge it out. Messy is fine, just be sure to diffuse any harsh lines.. It's also a good time to line your waterline and make sure there is no bare skin peeking out around your lashes.

Using a flat shader brush, pack a black shadow over the liner then blend up and out. Keep blending. Done? No. Blend some more. Dip back into the brown if you black is being difficult or use the skintone shade to blend under the brows if you get too carried away. Now we've got a basic black out smokey eye, but we're not basic today. We're adding glitter, remember? I dabbed on Stila glitter in the middle of my lid, then patted it out with my finger for a more diffused look. That's about that, really. A little liner and shadow smudged on the bottom lashes, mascara, optional falsies, and you've got yourself a smoldering smokey eye.

stila baci stay all daystila baci

While a black-based smokey eye can accommodate almost any lip shade, a classic choice is something in the nude / neutral family. Glossy lips were all the rage when smokey eyes made their mark in the 00's, but a matte lip works just as well. The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Baci makes for a perfect pairing. Baci isn't your typical nude, as it is more of a pinky-taupe take on nude. I've been a fan of this shade and formula for years, as it wears just as the name implies- all day- and doesn't leave my lips feeling overly parched, likely thanks to the vitamin e and avocado oil in the formula.

While I'll admit that I don't rock a smokey eye all the time, I do love the look. How about you? Do you go smokey? Tried any of these Stila products or want to?

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