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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cool Girl Glow | Hard Candy Glow Makers

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Warmer weather is upon us, and you know what that means... Actually, it can mean a few things, I don't know why I would propose such an impossible to answer question. Anyway, it means an insurance of all things warm and glowy. Now, there is nothing wrong with toasty glow, but sometimes playing it cool is necessary. As it turns out, Hard Candy has a pretty great range of cool glow makers for just about every part of your moonlit face.

hard candy gliteratzi in aurora

Sometimes you just need a little shimmer and glitz. That's exactly what the Glitteratzi Liquid Sparkler is for. The multi-purpose liquid creates a veil of shimmer in one coat, or something a little more opaque with two that can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks, brows... where ever. The liquid dries down to a pretty budge-proof finish that means this not only stays put, but also prevents any signs of glitter fallout. The range has a few shades, but Aurora is the perfect do-all shade, with its translucent base packed with fine pink, silver, and iridescent shimmer.

I feel like gold gets so much of the love when it comes to eyes, but silver can look amazing too. The Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Long Wear Eyeliner in Silver Fox is a great way to add a foil-effect wash of silvery goodness. The shade is incredibly gorgeous, but not quite as smooth and soft as Hard Candy claims. While still pretty easy to apply, it's not a super smooth pencil. I actually prefer this for all over the lid as a base anyway, which it does amazingly as it sets to a true long-wearing finish.

This little guy had a moment of mass popularity. Many wanted it, and from what I've read, many were disappointed. The key is not to expect anything holographic or prismatic. With that out of your minds, the Sheer Envy Prismatic Highlighter is a pretty wash of a pinky glow with pink and purple shimmer. It doesn't swatch particularly well, as it looks chalky on finger and arm, but when brushed on the face, the glow is quite pretty and not dull or chalky (at least not on my pale face...) The problem for me is the shimmer. I just don't like glittery-type shimmer in my highlights.

Drugstore highlight can be questionable, at best, but Hard Candy did a pretty amazing job with their Baked Powder Highlighting Trio. The range has a few shade options, but A Touch of Moonlight is all about that cooler glow with three silver-based shades. The first shade is a white-silver with a hint of a green glow, the middle shade is a soft, true silver, with the last shade being a white-silver with a lavender-blue shift. I found these didn't swatch all that well, as there is a bit of a dryness to the texture, but again, when brushed on the face, the glow emerges. As these are a baked formula, there is some shimmer, but it's incredibly fine and not nearly as noticeable as the Prismatic highlighter.

Something not even remotely usual for drugstore highlighter options is that this comes with a brush. Wait, let me finish, a brush that you're actually going to want to use. I know. The handle may be half-sized, but the brush is pretty amazing with a soft feel that is perfect for applying highlight.

hard candy glow makers swatches

Overall, some great cool-toned options! The Glitteratzi glitter topper and liner are my favourites, as easy applying (and setting) glitter is hard to come by, and I love a smokey eye, so silver liner is an added tool in the kit. The highlighter options are very decent, but just not for me as I don't do glittery highlights. What do you think? Are you a fan of cooler shades? Interested in any of these?

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