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Friday, May 3, 2019

Speedy Skincare | For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Masks

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I like to keep skincare for Fridays. I'm not exactly sure, but it just seems like the perfect way to wrap up the blog week. Lately, I've been sticking to a pretty rigid skincare regimen though. Not so much out of skin necessity (although, my skin does seem to like the consistency) but more as a means to actually finish products. I've been organizing, purging, and de-cluttering just about everything in my life, and getting use out of things I have before jumping into the next product. I know, not exactly how most bloggers approach things. With all that, it means I haven't been getting into much new skincare, although, I do have a decent stash of product I'll slowly be introducing to my face (and blog) as I finish things off. There is one area though that I'm always making progress- sheet masks!

For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Masks

Get ready to see a few editions of Speedy Skincare as I have been steadily masking. My recent mask of choice has been from the For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Mask range. The iconic Taiwanese brand, For Beloved One, launched sister brand For Beloved Girl for 'millennial women in search of high-quality, mid-priced skincare solutions' and aims at pointing such women to purchase products with components suited to their skin instead of what is trending. As such, For Beloved Girl masks are designed with specific mineral concentrations and combinations to target the six most common skin concerns for the age group.

We'll chat mask formulation in a moment, but first I've got to mention the actual mask. Unlike your standard paper sheet mask, these are 'cloud-silk'. It's not silk, but a transparent mask made of ultra-fine cotton fibres. Apparently, the composition allows the mask to absorb more serum, thus the likelihood of more of the good stuff being absorbed by your skin. Speaking of, the essence is a thicker gel-like consistency that makes these a bit easier to apply, as they're not so drippy as some. 

For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Masks

As mentioned, the range is home to six mask varieties: Skin Renewal, Flawless Brightening, Tee Tree Oil Control, Extreme Moisture, Puff Elimination, and Active Resilience Youth. While the masks are sold three to a pack (of a singular type) I was sent one of each. I've opted to keep this to three masks, as this could get very long if we chat up all of them.

For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Masks
For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud Silk Mask

The Extreme Moisture mask is all about hydrating dry skin with hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient. It uses hyaluronic acid to provide all-day moisture replenishment while sodium PCA and sodium lactate provide trace elements skin needs and soothing skin while restoring balance.

For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Masks
For Beloved Girl Puff Elimination Cloud Silk Mask

The Puff Elimination mask is basically a cup of coffee for your face as it works to combat fatigue and puffiness. The key ingredient is potassium chloride which works to safeguard firmness while invigorating skin. Cafeisilane C coffee complex is also in the mix to aid in the elimination of excess water retention, thus taking down the dreaded puff.

For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Masks
For Beloved Girl Active Resilience Youth Cloud Silk Mask

The Active Resilience Youth mask is a preemptive step against aging and the battle of fine lines (it's never too early!). It features copper gluconate which in combination with hydrolyzed soy protein, works to stimulate cell turnover and creates plumpness to smooth fine lines. The mask is also formulated to give an added boost of hydration while repairing damaged and fatigues skin so the main ingredients can work on fighting the visible signs of aging.

Overall, I quite like these! I love the the brand is so ingredient and concern focused, as often times skincare geared to younger skin just isn't. These masks have their purpose, and actually work well to get the job done. A box of three will set you back $12.99 CAD and are available T&T stores across Canada and online at Yes Style. What do you think? Are you sheet mask lover? Tried these or want to?

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