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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Bold & the Bashful | Mary Kay Spring 2019 Lip Launches

bold and the bashful mary kay spring 2019
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There are two kinds of lip lovers, the bold and the bashful. Granted, you can totally love both, but when it comes down to it, I think you favour one more than the other. As much as I can get down with a bold hue, it's neutrals and nudes (aka the bashful) that tend to win me over most. Mary Kay is serving up options from both worlds with two variants from their Spring Collection. Want to take a little peek? You know what to do...

The bold comes in the form of the Mary Kay Lip Tints. Housed in marker-like applicators, the Lip Tints are essentially lip stains. That said, the formula is a bit more elevated than the stains I've used in the past. Before we talk formula though, we need to chat packaging. There really isn't much to the packaging, I mean, they're essentially just markers. The issue here are the caps. They don't close tightly, and as a result the tips dry out very quickly. As it is, one of mine was pretty much dry by the time it got to me.

When fresh though, these offer an almost matte finish (there is a hint of sheen) and a sweet but subtle vanilla scent (no taste.) They have a good amount of pigment that layers for a more sheer to more full effect, but can be prone to patchiness if you don't let the first coat dry down. There is a bit of a tackiness once these dry, but it is very subtle. The upside to it all, is that these do last FORever. The stain is incredibly long lasting and wears just as well if you top things off with gloss.

mk canyon coral swatch + gloss lip tintMary Kay Lip Tint in Coral Canyon (as is and with gloss)

mk desert flora and magenta mirage lip tint

The three shades in the collection include:

  • Coral Canyon: a true, balanced coral. This shade was quite dry when it arrived, and as such I had a difficult time getting full coverage. It suffered from a bit of patchiness, but when topped with clear gloss looked pretty great.
  • Desert Flora: is a bright, cherry popsicle-type fuschia. This shade was the tiniest bit patchy, but looked pretty even from a normal viewing distance.
  • Magenta Mirage: a berry-kissed red. This shade is gorgeous, and the best of the bunch in terms of application.

mary kay lip tint spring 2019 (4)mary kay matte lipstick spring 2019 (5)

Think back to October, are you there? Yeah.. Maybe? Mary Kay gave us a little selection of amazingly bold matte lipsticks (these ones) They were great shades, but I mentioned I would love if the range included a few neutrals. I got my wish, as the Spring releases include three gorgeous neutral / nude lipsticks in the same matte formula.

Now, I love a neutral and I love a matte, but the MK formulation isn't always great. As I found with the previous releases, some of these shades just don't apply as well as others with a tendency to create texture and lift colour when you try to layer it. Luckily, only one shade suffered such an outcome in this batch. The formula is very comfortable though, as it has an ultra-creamy feel with a velvety matte look.

mk baccio nude 1

mk perfectto nude 2

mk belissimo nude

The new batch of Mary Kay Matte Lipsticks includes:

  • Baccio Nude: a light beige-nude. This shade is on the verge of being too light and is the one shade that just didn't lay well on the lips.
  • Perfectto Nude: is a camel-tan nude. Easy applying and easy wearing.
  • Belissimo Nude: is a pinky-tan nude. Super gorgeous!

Overall, some great shades, but a few bumps in the road when it comes to actually using them. Of the bunch Belissimo Nude is an instant favourite and I'll be trying to get the last bit of colour of out the Canyon Coral lip tint. I've been storing it upside down to try and help it out as it just looks so great with gloss (the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, specifically.) What do you think? Interested in any of these products?

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