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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Delightfully Drugstore | Kiss NY Pro Touch Dark Under Eye Concealer

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I don't know what I was thinking when I put my blog schedule together, but subliminally I must have had complexion issues on the brain. I did just recover (yes, recover, it was rough) from an unusually harsh breakout, so it may have been my inspiration. Anyhow, I've got colour correctors coming up next, but today it's all about the Kiss NY Pro Touch Dark Under Eye Concealer and how I really didn't expect much from them. Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

Kiss NY Pro Touch Dark Under Eye Concealer
Kiss NY Pro Touch Dark Under Eye Concealer 7 g $10.99 CAD

Kiss NY isn't a brand I'm overly familiar with, but a heap (a very sizeable, one a that) of their products found their way to me. You may remember the Kiss lipsticks post from a while ago (this one.) Also included in their surprise delivery were a bunch of complexion products (foundation, powder, and as you can see, concealers.) I will admit I've taken my time getting acquainted with them, but the range is incredibly promising.

The Pro Touch Under Eye Concealer is housed in a twisty-tube with large sponge tip applicator. Of course, it took a million twists to get the product moving, but once it does, the applicator works nicely to do product onto skin without a ton releasing into the sponge. The cap is going to get pretty messy with use, but otherwise, the packaging is quite decent.

Kiss NY Pro Touch Dark Under Eye Concealer
Kiss NY Pro Touch Dark Under Eye Concealer swatches
Kiss NY Pro Touch Dark Under Eye Concealer in Porcelain, Natural Ivory, Ivory, Classic Ivory & Warm Nude

The shade range on the other hand... five shades of beige. It's too bad because this formula is really something. The shades, as you can see, are quite caucasian, and even then don't cover deeper tan skin tones very well. Of the shade range, I've been using Natural Ivory (the second lightest shade) under my eyes first as it runs pretty peachy, then dabbing on Porcelain (the lightest shade) for a brightening effect. The two shades together create not only the perfect shade, but the perfect cover.

For a light texture product, this covers remarkably well. It dries down nicely on skin to a fade, crease, and crack proof-finish that doesn't accentuate my dryness as it wears. Kiss claims these are waterproof with a semi-matte finish, which I fully agree with as it doesn't budge during wear, and has a natural skin texture look. I typically set my under eye concealer, but just to test this have worn it un-powdered. Results? No issues at all! After blending out initial creasing (prior to it setting) it wore beautifully for hours.

Overall, I've been very pleased with these little concealers. I really didn't expect as much coverage, or such a great wearing formula, but these really deliver. If I was a better blogger, you'd see before and afters, but... Aside from lackluster shade range, these are definitely worth trying should you have the chance. Kiss NY Pro products are available in Canada at Rexall, London Drugs & online from What do you think? Tried these or want to? Have you been surprised by any products lately?

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