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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Gadget Love | Smile Brilliant CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

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You've likely heard of the tooth whitening system offered by Smile Brilliant, but did you know they also offer toothbrushes? I for one, did not. I don't really dabble in the world of tooth whitening (hello, sensitive teeth) but I am a little nerdy and love me some dental care. So, it was an obvious match made in heaven when Smile Brilliant reached out with the opportunity to try their CariPRO Electric Toothbrush. I clearly was down.

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Isn't she sleek? I myself, am a lover of grey, so the silver on graphite hues speak to me. With a unisex styling, this design also works for just about everyone. The grey outer has a soft-touch silicone that is easy to grip, pairing well with the nicely weighty, yet comfortable slim shape that just feels right in the hand. What exactly feels wrong? No clue, but I know when it feels right, okay?

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself... Let's go over some of the specifics, or the techy bits, if you want to be technical. The cordless brush charges on a cute little doc that provides 30 days of battery life (when fully charged) which is a lot of vibrations given that this chugs out a whopping 40 000 vibrations a minute. I love that this won't die mid brushing either, as it has a handy little indicator light giving the heads up to charge. Oh, did I mention that it's waterproof? Feel free to hop in the shower or bath while you brush because, well, you can. I used to be a shower brusher, but I have to say, I've fallen out of the habit.

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While this brush has numerous functions (five to be exact, more on those in a moment) it couldn't be easier to use as there is one button for on / off and another to cycle through the clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive settings. Each setting offers various sonic pulses and patterns to get their jobs done:
  • Clean: your basic setting, for optimal cleaning results
  • White: steps things up a little for high speed polishing
  • Massage: offers gentle stimulation
  • Gum Care: timed pulses for optimal gum & gumline health
  • Sensitive: a gentle option for sensitive teeth

I intended to fully try each setting, but honestly have been sticking with the white setting, because who doesn't want whiter teeth? As I briefly mentioned, I do have occasionally sensitive teeth, but don't find this too be to intense on the non-sensitive setting. It is a nice option knowing it is there though.

Also nice are the built in timers- a 30 second quadrant timer so you don't miss any spots and give each section enough brushy love, and a two minute timer letting you know you're all set. It's easy to not brush long enough when brushes don't have these settings, so I quite appreciate them.

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Of course, the toothbrush is only as good as the bush. The CariPRO brushes are a slim oval shape with DuPont angled and tufted bristles designed to perfectly clean the surface of your teeth and all the little in-between crevices. They also feature tongue scrapers / cleaners on the back for that whole mouth clean. They easily clip onto the toothbrush without the need to have superhuman strength (or ending up with broken nails...)

The Individual Package ($119) includes one toothbrush with two brush heads, but if you're all in, the Deluxe Package ($129) features four brush heads. Want to get in on some seriously clean teeth with a friend? They do say sharing is caring... The Couples Package ($199) includes two toothbrushes and chargers and four brush heads with a great savings. Extra brush heads are also available in various bundles so you can brush on, and on.

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Overall, I am quite smitten with this toothbrush. Can you truly be smitten with your dental care device? I'll let you decide, but this is a really great option for just about anyone. I love that it offers functions that make is customize-able, but without being laden with options that won't be used. Plus, it really is priced quite reasonably, making it easily accessible (oh, and they offer worldwide shipping too!) What do you think? Could your dental care routine use a shakeup?

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