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Monday, August 5, 2019

Sweet & Sour | Midas Cosmetics Lemonade Palette

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My mom has never been a prolific baker, but when she does grace us with a little something from the oven, you know it is going to be amazing. One of her go-to creations is the all too often overlooked loaf cake. Her lemon loaf has always been my favourite with a simple, but tangy-sweet glaze on top... SO good! It takes the humble lemon to a whole other level. Lemon loaf ramble aside, we're talking everything yellow today with the gorgeous Midas Cosmetics Lemonade Palette.

midas cosmetics lemonade palette (1)

Yellow has always been one of my least favourite colours (aside from super pale, buttery yellows) but something in me began to shift last fall when a mustard bag fell into my life. I suddenly had the urge for more yellow. I realized I only had two yellow eye shadows in my collection, and they quickly became insufficient. I needed more yellow. Just prior to ColourPop releasing their Uh Huh Honey Palette, I stumbled upon the Midas Cosmetics Lemonade Palette and placed my pre-order almost immediately.

If Midas Cosmetics isn't a brand you recognize, then we're in the same boat. I hadn't heard of the brand, but they do seem to have a pretty loyal following on social media being a pretty new company having only been founded in 2018. There really isn't much info about them online, as they don't seem to have an about me page, but I do believe they are a black owned business with all of their product also being cruelty and paraben-free and affordble.

midas cosmetics lemonade palette (3)

Enough chatter though, let's get to the goods (and they're very good.) The palette is all about yellow with a few matching options designed to bring everything together. The palette is made of sturdy cardboard with a nice sized mirror inside. The packaging overall is minimal, without a whole of fuss, but it's all about the insides anyway, right? Okay, I personally would have liked it they at least used better fonts (their choices are... questionable.)

midas cosmetics lemonade palette (5)midas cosmetics lemonade palette (2)
midas cosmetics lemonade palette swatches

Midas calls this a monochromatic palette, and at first glance it doesn't quite look like one as there are a few shades outside of the yellow realm, but once you get to using this palette (and swatching) it become obvious not everything is exactly as it looks in the pan.

The palette is mostly matte, with five of the nine shades being matte, leaving the other four as shimmers /metallics. The mattes all have a similar texture that is perfectly pigmented and easy to blend. They have a little kick up in the pan, but no chalkiness. They build beautifully and retain their tones when blending (aka they don't turn into a muddy mess.) The shimmer shades are also great, with a soft, buttery texture that applies quite easily, although a damp brush does give them that added metallic pop. The shades so have names, but they're only listed on the back of the palette. They include:

  • Zesty: shimmering, pale, golden-white. It's the perfect highlight / inner corner shade for yellow looks.
  • Squeeze: true lemon-yellow shimmer
  • Sweet: a paler, matte lemon yellow
  • Frozen: soft gold-kissed yellow shimmer. This looks much more gold in the pan, but reads as more yellow forward once swatched / used.
  • Fresh: lemon-lime matte yellow. There is a slight lime green tone to this shade. It doesn't read as green when used (and didn't photograph well) but does create a different yellow tone for added dimension.
  • Juicy: a bold, true yellow matte. 
  • Twist: orange-kissed, sunflower yellow. It reads like a mac and cheese orange in the pan, but is much more yellow in tone when used.
  • Tart: warm gold shimmer. This shade looks more bronzed in the pan, but is actually quite golden.
  • Bitter: dirty, yellow-based brown. This shade is not the most appealing, but works perfectly for adding depth to yellow looks without getting mucky and when mixed with Twist, makes a very pretty mustard shade.

midas lemonade'Toasted Citrus' eye look

I opted to do a warmer yellow look first by using Sweet (pale yellow matte) as my transition with a blend of Bitter (brown matte) and Twist (orange-y matte) through the crease. I added more Bitter into the outer corner for added depth, then added Juicy (bold yellow matte) all over the lid. I added Tart (deeper gold shimmer) to the centre of the lid, blending toward the outer v, and a pop of Zesty (white-gold shimmer) in the inner corner and under the brow bone. I didn't intend on adding liner, but a wayward dot of black lash glue told I kind of had to, so I added black liquid liner. I smoked out the bottom lash line with a mixture of Sweet and Juicy to finish things off.

midas pink lemonade
'Pink Lemonade' eye look

I've been using the Viseart Tryst palette quite a bit lately, and the matte pinky-coral shade Liaison just seemed like the perfect pairing for a pink lemonade themed look. "Go put that song on that you love on repeat, until we can't take it / I wanna drink pink lemonade watching movie trailers 'till's late" Sorry, couldn't resist a James Bay tie in. Anyway, I used Viseart Liaison as my outer crease / transition shade then added a soft wash of Sweet (pale yellow matte) under it, blending carefully as to not create orange. I realized I wanted to keep things on the brighter side, so I went with a halo look by adding Juicy (bold yellow matte) on the outer and inner corner, with Squeeze (true yellow shimmer) in the centre and Zesty (pale white gold shimmer) in the center of that. I buffed Juicy on the lower lash line, followed by a bit more Liaison to tie in the pink.

Overall, I am loving this palette! Not long after I pre-ordered it, the ColourPop yellow palette was teased and I had a tinge of buyers remorse thinking I may have liked their version more. In the end, I think I made the better choice, as Midas has not only an excellent formula, but a better range of true yellow shades. What do you think? Are you a yellow fan?

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