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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Ms. Misty | Hydrating Facial Mist Musts (on a budget!)

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Recently, while scrolling Instagram, as one does, I came across a post by a fellow CBB blogger (a now defunct blog group I was a part of.) She was promoting a blog post about facial mists. Clearly, I had to hop over to it because I have a soft spot for anything mistable. She mentioned that once upon a time she wasn't much of a believer of mists. I think I may have let out an audible gasp. "How can you not love getting misty?" But I too remember a time when I wasn't so sure it was a needed product in my life. I was also reminded of the collection I've amassed the past few months, and it just seemed like a great time to chat them up. Plus, it just so happens none break the bank. As much as I love a good mist, I don't think they need to be exorbitantly priced.

I definitely suggest checking out Amanda's post if you're still on the fence regarding facial mists. She makes a perfect argument as to why they're so great. I will double down on the moisturizing point though, as that's what I tend to focus on when I add mist to my life. While they don't replace a moisturizer, they're the perfect way to add hydration to dehydrated skin. They can literally be applied whenever the mood strikes, on top of being great additions to your skincare and makeup routine.

Colourpop is nothing if not the queen of options. Their sister skincare brand Fourth Ray follows suit. So much so that when I went to add a mist to my order, I just couldn't decide which I wanted most. They must have known it was a common issue, as their Fourth Ray Mist N' Match Mini Mist Kit contains three of their mists in mini size. Well, they say mini, but they're not so small that you can't get a good bit of use of out each bottle. The kit includes:
  • Fresh AF Mist: combats tired, dehydrated skin with a blend of white lily, rose water, and cucumber water.
  • Glisten Up Mist: gives skin a subtle glow with micro fine shimmer and a formula infused with vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, camu camu, and white tea, and a gentle natural orange scent.
  • Mellow Milk Mist: comforting and soothing for stressed, sensitive skin with a blend of white tea, chamomile, and marshmallow root.

body shop cooling mist

I tend not to be all that interested in products marketed as being cooling, as all too often it's just code for "We chucked some alcohol into an otherwise meh formula to make it feel nice." I expected better from The Body Shop, and as suspected the Body Shop Vitamin E Skin Cooling Gel Mist is so much more than just an alcohol bomb. It's actually almost alcohol free, but the lone form is not a drying 'bad' alcohol, it's a common derivative used for preservation. 

Anyway, it's not your average mist, as it truly is a liquidy gel in the bottle (it doesn't seem like it should even be mistable) but it spurts out pretty evenly on skin. With a formula featuring raspberry seed oil (it produces a skin conditioning oil) and vitamin E (known for protecting and moisturizing) it offers an instant skin refresher that is gently cooling and hydrating. It's more of a warmer weather option, but nice to have on hand regardless.

The newest mist in my life, and in the Cake Beauty world, is the newly launched Cake Beauty Prep Fresh Toning Mist. You may know and love Cake for their body and hair products, but they've recently expanded into the facial skincare world. Formulated with some common mist mainstays (think rose water, rosehip oil, witch hazel, and aloe) it's soothing and calming, making it great for use after removing makeup or masking, or whenever your skin just needs a hydrating dose of TLC. 

When it comes to my facial skincare, I know added fragrance just isn't necessary, but sometimes it's really nice. Especially when it's of natural origin and lives in a skin-loving formula. The Thayers Coconut Water Facial Mist is just that, with a blend of witch hazel, aloe, and coconut water that refreshes and hydrates skin with a soft, tropical coconut scent. The proprietary witch hazel used by Thayers in all of their products is not distilled, meaning it is higher in the natural tannins that provide antioxidant and antibacterial benefits. Plus, I love that the mister on their bottle emits a super-fine mist. 

All in all, if your skincare lineup is short a facial mist, go get one! I'm a tried and true fan, and will forever be trying anything I can spritz myself with. Yes, that does include setting sprays, but that's a whole other post (that might just be coming up...) What do you think? Are you a fan of facial mists? Have a favourite I should try?


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