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Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Cutest in the Galaxy | Colourpop The Child Eyeshadow Palette

colourpop the child eyeshadow palette
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I read an article, not long after the first season of The Mandalorian premiered, stating that the show was just pandering to potential female viewers with 'baby Yoda' (aka the child.) Now, I initially took offense to that, because there are obviously going to be female fans of the show regardless of the adorable little being, just as there are of Stars Wars as a whole. The thing is, I'm not a Star Wars fan, and it totally was my need to get better glimpse of the space baby that made me watch The Mandalorian in the first place. Maybe it worked... I ended up liking the show, and when Colourpop released their The Child palette, you can bet my alarm was set to the day. I can't help but thinking though, if they weren't trying to command a female viewership, why is Timothy Olyphant in season two?

colourpop the child eyeshadow palette (4)colourpop the child eyeshadow palette (3)colourpop the child eyeshadow palette (2)

Okay, back to the palette. You can Google Timothy Olyphant later. Mmmm, Timothy Olyphant... Ahem, what?

Colourpop has some pretty ravenous fans, so I didn't plan on actually being able to snag a palette during the initial release, but the stars aligned in my favour, and I did! Shipping anything from Colourpop to Canada is a longer than usual process, but it was worth it for all the cuteness it contains. I mean just look at that little guy, and the gilded frog on the corner? Stop it!

Cuteness aside, this a really great little nine-pan palette. The colour story is super easy to work with, even for those who aren't big on wearing colour. All of the green hues work into the olive (or similar) tone giving them a neutral feel. The pops of shimmer are just enough to provide interest and contrast, but don't need much thought as they will work easily into any look.

While I did pick up the Making Mauves palette from Colourpop over the summer, it's still in my 'to try' pile, making this my first foray into the world of Colourpop palettes. I have to say, I'm very pleased with their pressed shadow formula- smooth, pigmented, easy to blend, and they wear perfectly (over primer, but you get the gist.) The palette is home to one Super Shock shade, along with mattes, metallics, and ultra-metallics:
  • Precious Cargo (Super Shock): white-gold, opal shade with silvery glitter. This shade doesn't have mush base, aside from shimmer, meaning it's best as a topper or highlight shade.
  • Right Hand Mando (metallic): silvery moss shade with silver glitter
  • Just Like a Tatooine (matte): soft peachy-brown
  • Sipping Soup (metallic): mossy green with an antique golden sheen
  • Baby Face (matte): dusty mint
  • The Force (ultra-metallic): warm, dirty gold with golden shimmer. This is a stunning shade, but the glitter is a little flaky, and as such applies best over a glitter glue or tacky base.
  • Little Frog (matte): muted olive green with fine silver shimmer. 
  • Float Your Crib (matte): deepened olive 
  • Droid Protocol (matte): warm brown

colourpop the child eye look Colourpop The Child Eyeshadow Palette Look + Kiss Blowout Lashes in Pompadour

Something about the colour story in this palette just said halo eye to me, so that's exactly what I did. A bonus was that I was able to use a pretty decent selection of shadows in one look. Always a plus.
  • I started off with Just Like a Tatooine in the crease with Baby Face buffed above. 
  • I then added Float Your Crib on the inner and outer corners. 
  • I added glitter glue the centre of my lid and topped it with The Force, using Sipping Soup on either side to meld the gold into the dark green. 
  • I used Precious Cargo on the inner corner to highlight.
  • The I mimicked the top of the look on the lash line by buffing on Baby Face, and then Float Your Crib closer to the lashes.
  •  I dotted a little bit of The Force on in the centre of the lower lashline, and finished everything off with mascara and lashes.

Overall, I am really like this palette! It's not only super cute, but also quite versatile as you can create bold and neutral looks easily. It's got variety, but not so much that it's not cohesive- you'd be hard pressed to create a bad look with these shades. What do you think? Do you like this palette? Are you a Mandalorian or Star Wars fan?

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