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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Palette Play | Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette

melt impulsive pressed pigment palette (1)
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Did I maybe waste time putting together a blog post for a palette you can't get anymore? Possibly. You see, the Melt Cosmetics Impulsive palette is definitely not new but as far as I'm aware, the brand never stated if it was truly limited edition or not. I picked it up over the summer during the Melt sale, and since then it has been on both the Melt site and Sephora Canada. It was when I popped over to the US Sephora and it wasn't there that I got to thinking this palette may no longer be available. Regardless, I've gotten this far, so let's take a closer look, yeah? 

As I just mentioned, the Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette had been around for a little bit, so you may already be aware of what makes this palette unique and a little bit hateable all in one. It's huge, and no, not huge in a good way. While it is home to 18 shades, it's the double sided, and tiered design that makes it kind of questionable. It's heavy and bulky, and if you were able to travel, you definitely wouldn't be taking this biggie anywhere.

That was the main reason I dragged my feet when it came to picking this up. Not that travel is my main concern, it's just that this is much larger than it needs to be. The upside is the colour scheme and why I eventually (okay, the sale helped too) just went for it. 

melt impulsive pressed pigment palette (4) melt cosmetics impulsive palette swatches (1)

The palette, and the two distinct sides are inspired by the story of Melt Cosmetics and the customers who made everything a reality. The left side of the palette is home to the bulk of the mattes (seven to be exact) and two shimmers, that were "inspired by our (Melt) love for unique colours, but more importantly they were inspired by our fun and fearless customers, our Melt Fam, who are unapologetically themselves."  It was this side of the palette that really drew me in, as my collection was lacking this sort of grungy hues.

  • 2012: honey-mustard yellow matte
  • Rule Breaker: rusty orange matte
  • Go Getter: vivid coral-red with a pink metallic shimmer 
  • Dream Big: red-toned brown matte
  • CEO: warm, bronzed chocolate shade with coppery shimmer
  • Boss Lady: deep burgundy matte
  • Game Changer: vivid chartreuse matte
  • Profesh: a vivid military green matte
  • Bold: warm tan-brown matte

The shadow formula is a little bit all over the place. It's great overall, with great pigmentation, but some of the mattes need a little extra loving when it comes to blending. The few difficult shades skip, and don't easily diffuse on skin. You can get there, but it takes a little more time and care. I've definitely used worse, but as this was my first Melt palette (I've since added more to my collection...) I was a bit bummed. At this price point I expect more, you know?

melt impulsive pressed pigment palette (5) melt cosmetics impulsive palette swatches (2)

The right side of the palette is inspired by "the early years before Melt and the friendship between cofounders Lora and Dana that started it all." It's home to mainly cool shades, with shimmer and glitter finishes. I found the shimmers to be of varying quality when swatched. Some were thinner, and not that impressive when swatched, while others were rich, buttery, and almost had a foiled quality that was pretty much perfection. 

Swatches (at least mine) do them little justice, they are stunning in person. I did find that when used on the eyes, most of the shimmers did apply easily, and did build easily for full opacity. The downside to the right side of the palette is that unlike the left, there are no coordinating mattes to pair with the cooler shimmers.

  • Makeup Junkie: dirty mauve shimmer with a pink metallic shift
  • Warehouse Party: rosy, golden shimmer with green reflects
  • Poppin Bottles: baby pink with gold and green shimmer. This shade has little base colour on the eyes, and works better as a glitter topper.
  • Shots: greyed lavender with pink metallic shift
  • Tipsy: vivid medium blue with multicoloured glitter
  • Cross Faded: deep indigo-purple shimmer with a metallic sheen
  • No Regrets: silvery, antiqued champagne with pink and green glitter 
  • Morning After: burgundy wine metallic with blue reflects
  • Drunk Text: dirty olive green with iridescent glitter

melt impulsive palette eye look
Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette Eye Look 

I had a really hard time trying to decide what I wanted to do with this palette- there are just so many colour combos that stood out me. My last look was green, and I'm assuming most who reviewed this when it was new went the warm, orange-red-yellow direction, so I went cool. I used Tipsy in my crease, then used Boss Lady to blend out the outer edge. I used Cross Faded on my inner and outer lids, then cut the centre of the lid before adding Shots. For added pizazz, I used a damp brush to tap on Poppin' Bottles in the centre of that. The glitter gets lost in photos, but this look ended up being quite dazzling.

While this palette isn't perfect (it's clunky, some formulas are a little off, there are no cool mattes, and it's on the pricier side) I still am pretty pleased with it. Every look I've created has looked really great and I find the colour story does inspire me to move outside of my usual comfort zones. It seems like Sephora Canada may be the last place carrying this, but should you get the chance to pick this up, it's not without its charms, just try and snag it on sale. What do you think? Do have this palette? What Melt palettes are your must-haves?

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