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Thursday, December 3, 2020

This vs That Lip Mask Edition | Laniege vs Milk Makeup

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You know how I know it's truly, one hundred percent, officially winter? My cat is on the couch with me, under the covers, squished up against my leg. Oh, plus the fact that I now need to double layer my moisturizer at night. That includes upping my lip balm game. Canadian winter weather is no joke (even if you have no intentions of leaving your house.) If I don't get a good balm for overnight, things are a straight up disaster the next day. That's why I went hard this year, with not one but two lip masks. Do you really need two though? Not likely, so I'm putting them to battle. Who reigns supreme? Read on...

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You may be wondering, "What exactly is a lip mask?" Good question. For those who aren't exactly sure what it is, it's pretty simple as it really is just a balm that is designed to be a bit thicker and longer lasting so it stays on your lips overnight. While it's clinging to your precious pout all night, it allows the formula to really sink in and leave your lips super hydrated. 

this vs that laneige gummy bear lip sleeping mask

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is the first lip mask I knew of. While there are now many brands with lip mask options, Laneige was the first brand I remember with a lip mask. I was hesitant from the start, thinking I really didn't need a lip mask in my life. An odd statement from me, as I love both a balm and a good mask. 

Anyway, the Laneige mask is a thicker textured balm, with a plush cusiony feel, that you simply apply before bed and wake to really hydrated soft lips. It's formulated with vitamin c, antioxidants, and an exclusive moisture wrap technology that works with hylauronic acid and minerals to "form a protective film over the lips and lock in moisture and active ingredients." 

They've got a few scent options (I don't find them to be flavoured) but I couldn't pass up the newest permanent option, Gummy Bear. I'm not quite sure why it got that name, as the scent is straight up grape candy. It's a cute scent, it's not cloying, but a nice little something when you pop this on. I'm not a purple person (we all know one) but I do love the cute colour.

this vs that milk makeup melatonin overnight lip mask

Also purple potted, is the Milk Makeup Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask. Much like the Laneige mask, this is a thick balm that you simply swipe on before bed. The main difference is that Milk Makeup not only wants your lips to get a little TLC, but also relax and sooth you into a more restful sleep. 

Formulated with a berry blend of goji, acai, blueberry, and blackberry for antioxidant benefits, hyaluronic acid to help plump and retain moisture, this seems like a fairy standard lip balm. Things get interesting with the addition of topical melatonin and Persian silk tree extract, that work to support visible melatonin levels. Lavender oil and chamomile extract join the party to scent the balm, and give it a soothing, ready for sleep feel when applied. I didn't know if I cared to have a lavender scented balm, but after trying this it does have a nice aromatherapy effect and you can't help but breathe a little deeper and relax, even if only for a few moments.

this vs that lip sleep mask laneige vs milk swatch
When it comes to textures, both balms feel different straight out of the pot, but once your lips, have a very similar feel. The warmth from your lips takes the tackiness out of the Milk balm- it does feel heavier and tacky when first applied- and it takes on a very similar plush feel that the Laneige balm has. 

The biggest differences between the balms comes down price /value and the scents. Laniege is not only a little cheaper (in Canada that is) but the pot is more than twice the size of the Milk version. I haven't finished these pots yet (clearly) but I can't say the Milk formula will inherently last any longer than Laniege, so that doesn't make much difference in volume versus use. And then there is scent. Laneige offers quite a few scents, and also roll out new and limited edition options pretty regularly. Milk only offers the lavender chamomile option.

this vs that lip sleep mask laneige vs milk (2)

So, who wind this battle? I like both, and you can bet both will be sitting front and centre on my nightstand, but Laneige is my top pick. I have to say I like the bigger pot (and it comes with a nice little scooper) but I also have a sweet nose and am a bit more partial to grape candy than the spa-like lavender Milk offers. What do you think? Are you a lip mask fan? Tried either of these? 


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